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alex Papanastassiou
Brussels, Belgium
Business adviser, innovation catalyst and facilitator - passionate about bold business quests and the achievement of people's potential
Interests: business, innovation, technology, human development, social media, marketing, software, design, usability, psychology, art, cooking
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Samsung building science fiction narrative with lots of star-power from the world of football / soccer to promote its "Galaxy" product line. It all comes with a website dedicated to the story, where Samsung's "Galaxy" line is presented as the... Continue reading
Pretty nice summary of the tools and platforms that are present in France for online advertising, whether on sell side or buy side. The way Google's platforms are strategically positioned across the board is quite impressive. Continue reading
Very interesting way of thinking about telling a story, whether for a movie, for a brand or for a cause. Continue reading
CREA Master 1 - Simulation Days: Smart Gecko from BusinessQuests Continue reading
Google Glass has been very big on the news since 2012 and recently we've even seen venture capitalists claiming that its advent would create a new space for investment in start-ups. It's worth hearing how Sergey Brin presents that initiative... Continue reading
A fairly mundane debate sparked by a comment I made on Twitter about the (pathetic) "Gmail Man" campaign launched by Microsoft led to unexpected territory: philosophy about what defines identity. One of my friends and partners, Fabian Tilmant, a Google... Continue reading
Recently I had the great pleasure to present at a "Friday Session" organized by Cleverwood. The format is great because it's time boxed to 1.5 to 2 hours during which people who know something that could be useful to the... Continue reading
Recently I had the great pleasure to make a presentation to a "Friday Session" organized by Cleverwood. The format is great because it's time boxed to 1.5 to 2 hours during which people who know something that could be useful to the others run the session. Usually the topics are focused on the Internet, social media, mobile technologies...etc However, because the challenge of dealing with people is a great one, I'm trying to contribute content that comes from my interest in NLP and coaching. For many people, dealing with people is one of the most challenging things in professional life.... Continue reading
I recently came across this TED Talk and watched it several times because I was impressed with the unusual use of a discipline like design to tackle a challenge of social development. Another reason was the pragmatic approach of Emily... Continue reading
Brian Cox beautifully makes the case for curiosity, exploration, science and innovation. Continue reading
Eric, Thanks for the additional info on budget and how you proceeded. Starting with just the concept on a Friday and having a working prototype of this level of quality is simply amazing. Again congratulations to you and to the team who worked with you to accomplish this. See you around. alex
This is an example of something that is going on in a lab right now and has the potential to become a really big product. It can become: a robot to help professional movers transport stuff a robotic domestic helper... Continue reading emerged in my market watch as an interesting initiative, not only because it exemplifies the potential of crowdsourcing, but also because it was built in a weekend using Amazon Web Services (AWS). CrowdPhoto is a bit like an Aardvark... Continue reading
The presentation in this video is a really interesting account of how Dropbox grew to become an awesome product for millions of people around the globe. It's very good inspiration. Watch live video from Startup Lessons Learned on Continue reading
There's some excellent no-nonsense stuff in this presentation about web design. I like the way the author shows concrete examples of differences in how web assets look when specific design work is done to enhance them in a targeted way.... Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
ComScore, leader mondial de la mesure des actifs et des comportements online vient d'annoncer l'extension de ses activités de mesure à la télévision. Il s'agit là d'une nouvelle importante car elle préfigure un mouvement de fond qui influencera les modèles économiques des médias du futur. Pour plus de détails: Continue reading
Posted Mar 8, 2010 at vodisTV
Much of what is currently going on in the European market tends to confirm many of the trends in the presentation below. What remains to be seen is which models of marketing through social media will actually be adopted and... Continue reading
Tim Berners-Lee discusses the importance of "giving meaning to" / making sense of data. Fascinating as always. Continue reading
A very interesting presentation on how to use social media in turbulent times to achieve business success. It's all very much based on learning, openness and feedback, all of which are absolutely critical to success. I remain absolutely convinced that... Continue reading
It would be much better if you knew what you are writing about. When was your last trip to Europe? We have completely free economy, only... - we don't believe that competition alone can take care of the public interest, if only because there is no business model for lighting our streets or repairing our sidewalks - we are not happy with 20% of our people being without insurance at all - we don't think it's a good idea for good education to be provided exclusively to people who are well endowed - culture, creation, the conservation of our vast cultural heritage are important investments of public interest in our opinion - we don't believe in the death penalty as a means for a civilized society to deal with crime. Besides our crime rates are far below what the US have - we do think that public infrastructure is essential not only to the well being of the people but also to the welfare of our economy. Is there a single fast train in the US that allows you to travel 311 km in 1h 15min(that would put Boston just 1h 30min away from New York City by train)? - our public funding of elementary and secondary education (much better than your system by all accounts, especially when it comes to Finland, Sweden or Denmark) is partly benefiting the US since many of our university grads go to the US for PhD and research, where America is much much better than Europe - we have a health system that is vastly better and less costly than the current US one and we do not need to spend nearly a trillion dollars to give that to our people - we do think that state and church need to be distinct and that it's perfectly OK for people to be agnostic or atheists if they so wish, because that too is part of individual liberties The point here is just to tell you that such differences in approach should be more subtle than the position you are taking. This is not about America being a democracy and Europe being some sort of tyranny reminiscent of the former Soviet Union. And it is certainly not about us European forgetting what we owe to America or taking an anti-American position. The vast majority of people around here love America and its great way of bringing innovation and positive energy to the world. We just believe that the same results could be achieved in a more humane manner and we do feel that Scandinavia is a much better inspiration in terms of where we should take our civilization.
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I found this very interesting quote today: So, for good and for bad, I believe Blackberry is attached at the hip to Exchange. As Microsoft loses share to Google in the enterprise, something I believe is bound to happen, Blackberry... Continue reading
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Jan 4, 2010