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I agree with Daniel and Jonathan. Pete, somebody could turn this around on you and insist that nobody ever ought to present a theory of the unhampered market economy, because such a theory does not take into account the extreme political impracticability of an unhampered market economy. But this would mean we'd have to throw out everything in our textbooks from the Marshallian cross onward!
Daniel, From Rodrik's essay: "The liberal model views the state as necessarily predatory and the private sector as inherently rent-seeking. So it advocates a strict separation between the state and private business." Do you really think the "dominant paradigm" views the state as "necessarily predatory"? I think you're conflating welfare liberalism/social democracy with the liberalism that Rodrik portrays in his essay. When Rodrik classifies liberalism thus, how can you *not* interpret that as liberalism's classical-enlightenment strand?
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Jan 23, 2013