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Hate it as much as you want - it's not as bad as people make it out to be. It really isn't. Here's the solution to your woes: Security (Blanket) through Obscurity. Take all the inconsistent functions and hide it all behind objects. Ta-da: You now have an object oriented thing to work with, exceptions and all, and at that point it isn't bad. Or, download one of the half dozen or so good frameworks and it's all done for you. Granted, you shouldn't have to do that, but there you go. PHP has its blemishes, but it's not THAT bad. It seems to me that if PHP had a "function consistency" then most complaints would disappear overnight. I still hear people complaining about broken features that have been obsoleted YEARS ago, yet they still bemoan them as if they has just been pushed into recent releases. Side note: Complaining about the php.ini that you don't even need to touch 95% of the time? That's really weak. REALLY weak. You might as well rant about MySQL as well - it's the PHP of databases, and yet I see it being used everywhere with minimal complaint. Would I rather be writing stuff in Python? Sure. It's nicer. Faster. But quite frankly the documentation sucks compared to PHP, and and the people in the community are far more standoff-ish than the PHP community. No offense to the nice guys I have run across - I've found some nice people out there - but by and large If you really think that there is a better product out there, then why isn't it on every single crappy ass web host in the world? If it isn't as easy to install and manage then you've already lost. Sorry. I really do hope that Python manages to get to that level of simplicity. It's nice, cleaner, and has some great features (despite the funky spacing requirement, but I can live with it) but until then: stop bitching and HTFU or do something about it.
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
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Jun 29, 2012