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Oel ngati kamei i would have to say that the most impressive thing would be the language. it is hard to narrow it down to just one thing but the language itself tells the story. it offers a window into the culture of the Na'vi and how nature is a part of everything in their lives. it also sells the story Avatar would not be the same if only English was spoken.
it is a difficult question to answer. i love every second in Avatar. to narrow it down to one scene is nearly impossible. the best scene in avatar would when Jake first rides the Ikran and flies with Neytiri. this scene accomplished one of the movies most challenging parts. in most scenes all of the creatures could have their counter parts on Earth do the motion capture-the direhorses replaced by horses, viperwolves replaced by dogs, ect. the Ikran presented a new problem do to the fact it did not have a counter part on Earth for the actors to ride. also this scene brings the beginning of the movie back into the story and lets the watcher truely understand Jake. this scene makes me hit the replay button over and over.
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May 12, 2010
yes it has made them more realistic
i have seen it 15 times and ever time was the best time
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May 6, 2010