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I am not a marketing expert but I can say that empathy would really make a difference. Many of my clients chose me over the others because they feel that I understand them better than others. ultrasonic cleaner
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2012 on Innovation principles by Markkula at metacool
the increase of 513 million is dramatic. no doubt it will increase even more this year considering few cool mobile phone releases from apple, samsung etc. this is just cool! dc motor
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2012 on CES 2012. China. REEs. at RareMetalBlog
i love the cards. they were all gorgeous! thanks for giving DIY idea more power! air compressor
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2012 on January Release Projects at Thinking Inking
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this is a very helpful resource. I would like to share this if you dont mind sir.air compressor
this is really competitive and eco friendly. it also nice to note that it can lower dow fuel consumption. great job! dc motor
i agree with mahonj, it could have been a lot better if the types of tire that were tested are mentioned in this post/research article. Nevertheless, the fact that the test proved that around 14.5% can be saved is already a great help. thanks for sharing.air compressor
this is definitely a very good invention.Congratz and keep up the good work. air compressor malaysia
this is a very good project. Goodluck to you guys and I would like to cogratulate you all in advance as I know it would be a big success!
sounds big. this one great move to advance the business. would love to read articles on business advancement in 2012. cheers! premium efficiency motors
In my case, I would rather go for cropland than investing on urban land. high efficiency motor
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Dec 27, 2011