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Brilliant analysis, Chris. I also enjoyed your comparison of Davies and Moffat as principal scriptwriters. Having just rewatched 'Gridlock' I noted something - the anti-religious aspect is most notable when The Doctor questions the motorists' faith in help coming from above ('what if there is nobody?'). I suspect a lot of religious people like the episode because it shows help coming from above, instead of the humans working something out for themselves (as in 'The Long Game' and most of the Moffat stories). Not only that, but it shows help coming from what was already above (the Face of Boe and Novice Hame) and someone who came in from far off (The Doctor). Certainly the episode points toward much of the not-even-thinly disguised anti-religious matter of Who under Moffat's control (note the portrayal of homosexual 'marriage' as normalised, for instance), but Davies was less aggressive against religion in that he recognised that The Doctor works as a character because he is God-like. 'Gridlock' questions faith, but doesn't write it off wholesale as episodes like 'The God Complex' do. The Doctor comes off as a god of New New York because he solves the problem instead of resorting to the constant 'you have to sort it out yourself' endings of Moffat's writing.
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Aug 16, 2013