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The Pagan Religion has hardly got a toe hold here. You have a long way to go to catch up with Europe, where, in the name of this religion, electricity prices are set to go through the roof, and surprise, surprise, industry is relocating to countries where it is much cheaper. Road transport is soon to be hit with the “Eurovignette Directive.” The Directive sets common rules on distance-related tolls and time-based user charges for heavy goods vehicles, requiring hauliers to pay for the cost of air and noise pollution caused. The EU puppet governments are not allowed to use the tax raised in the way that they would like but must use the tax to develop alternative infrastructure for transport users, to improve CO2 and energy performance of vehicles. Oh, and will it make companies less productive and therefore more likely to fail and jobs go abroad? Of course, but the numpties cannot see that. Also, I think you are yet amateurs in the game of shifting government into non-accountable organisations and fake charities. We have some experts that could help you put government into places where the electorate has no hold, and therefore cannot be a nuisance. However, I have noted that US politicians are quick to learn lessons such as these. is now following The Typepad Team
Oct 19, 2010