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Born in Paterson, NJ. Recently lived in Tucson, AZ
I'm a former creative creative director of Y&R, Benton&Bowles, elddidng and Foote,Cone& Belding and chairman of D'arcy MacManus,Masius, NY.Also former adjunct professor, teaching copywriting at the U. of Arizona.
Interests: advertising, creativity, writing, sports, news junkie. currently finishing memoir tentatively titled, "Sticking My Ads Out"
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Dec 13, 2009
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Sep 22, 2009
Contrary to conventional wisdom and NY Yankee lore, not all stripes are pin stripes.Pin stripes are the narrowest of stripes, stripes deriving their name from the width between them. Lay two straight pins side by side and you have the true width of pin stripes. Do the same with two number 2 pencils and you will have the approximate width of the ever popular pencil stripes. Pencil stripes dominate men's and women's suiting fabrics and are most often seen in shades of blue and gray. Now we come to the Yankee uniforms. Take a good look; those are neither pin or pencil. The Yankees wear chalk stripes, so named for tailor's chalk, the waxy square with which the tailor marks up your suit for alterations and which disappears in the pressing. Despite the misnomer, the Yankees continue to feature their slogan: "Power, Pride, Pin Stripes". Obviously "Power, Pride, Chalk Stripes" just doesn't have the same ring to it. Incidentally, Twins, White Sox, Phillies, Indians. Astros, Marlins, yes even the Mets at times are among other teams wearing chalk stripes for their home uniforms. Either these teams envy the Yankees' success and wish to emulate it or baseball is creatively challenged when it comes to its uniforms. Of course, all of this is academic as long as the wearers are winners. We wish the Yankees luck in their quest for another championship. But just don't call them pin stripes. They're chalk stripes. By the way, there's another American League team north of New York that manages to win with no stripes at all. The writer earned his stripes in his youth as a stock boy, brushing, unwrapping, wrapping, folding, removing tags, even delivering suits for a clothing store in Paterson, New Jersey. July 10, 2006 in Sports | Permalink | Comments
Beth have you heard of NESC National Executive Service Corps, an organization deovoted to counseling non profits, staffed with retired executives who donate their services?. They consult for some of the major non profits. I contributed a project for the Municipal Art Society, the Eldridge St. Synagogue, and Ethical Culture among others. I am currently writing my memoir on typepad. You can look in at
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