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Yes, Peters is a gone goose. A state commission would, in the long run, probably be the best solution to address the redistricting abuses which have gone on for decades. An excellent example is the absurdity of the Illinois 17th - check out a map. The manner in which both parties have gerrymandered these districts has contributed to the gridlock in Washington; institutionalizing aggregate voter preferences prevents independent representation in a state's delegation.
Bishop is a liar; the bridge issue has been important for both Ohio and Michagan (not to mention lower Ontario)for years. The fact it has been held up this long, for the stated reasons, is a disgrace.
It is very good to hear some good news; parts of Michigan have economic distress comparable to the 1930s-era depression. The one hope is the legislature can get on the same sheet of music and remedy the fiscal issues facing the next governor.
Without such people, the obliteration of history would be unrestrained.
Excellent piece; how soon we forget. For many people, 1979 might just as well be ancient Sumeria.
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Jul 29, 2010