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I called them this morning for the second time trying to get them to send me my saved movies. The rep was very nice and said he hated that they took it away too, but he couldn't get me my saved data. I said that I knew it was still there, all he had to do was talk to an engineer, because the queue was counting those saved titles towards my 500. He put me on hold for a while and told me when he came back that there was no way. Being as it is 2 days away from my Sept bill date, I decided in the moment to just go ahead and cancel my instant watching account anyway. I've been too busy lately to watch much movies and with the fall tv season underway, the price increase, the disappearing movies, the lack of selection, and then the final straw being the saved queue feature going away, I didn't see the value anymore. It certainly isn't worth an entire $7.99 for me when I've watched like 2 movies in the past month. I DID go to feedfliks for the very first time today and they were able to pull in my instant saved queue!! So I'll be saving that list to a spreadsheet. At least it isn't gone for good. If you have never used feedfliks before, I'd recommend importing it TODAY though, because the rep said that engineering was working on fixing the bug of saved titles counting towards the 500. My guess is that means they are working on deleting them permanently from the backend.
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Sep 17, 2011