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I love the Kale chips and have been known to call it supper (great with beer). I like to mix with olive oil and nutritional yeast with a little salt. (I plan to add garlic to my next batch.) Rather than baking, I use a dehydrator (temperature at less than 118 degrees). Let it dehydrate overnight or 6-8 hours. This gives the chip an all-over crispness. More like a potatoe chip. Plus the dehydrating process preserves the kales nutrients and live enzymes. So much better for you than baking. I also discovered that the same recipe makes a delicious salad without dehydrating. Try it raw. Thanks to Mama Courson (Kelly's mom) for sharing her Kale recipe with me.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2010 on The Kale Chip Challenge at CeliacChicks
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Apr 11, 2010