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What a dumb concept. Not you, OP. I'm talking about the notion that one can assume someone's sexuality by their clothes, mannerisms, etc. First off, I don't find ZQ to be effeminate at all. His mannerisms/speech are what I would call polished or elegant. Yeah, he doesn't come off as Larry the Cable Guy, but how does that make him more likely to sleep with guys than with girls? He's very stylish, but so are a zillion other guys who are called "metro" nowadays. And isn't it possible that the man sleeps with dudes AND chicks? How many men have I dated who had an equally great sense of style, a fluid manner to them, meticulous grooming, wit, charm, the whole "gay" shebang, but were totally straight? More than I can count... and roughly one quarter of the men I've dated have been bisexual, too, including my ex-husband. Some people make too many assumptions. They can be so narrow... And if he does happen to sleep with men exclusively, that would be very sad for me in the sense that it would kill off any fantasy I harbor about banging his brains out one day, but that's about it. Let him bang dudes if it tickles his pickle and STFU about it, LOL.
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