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Alicia Chaparro
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We live farther out in the country now and American Kestrels can be seen hunting the fields that ring around the property. There is something so beautiful about watching their graceful dive.
Mrs. Cosgrove, oh how much I loved her. She encouraged me to let my voice out in music. My love for voice was nourished while in her classroom. I will always remember her encouragement.
The interactive elements of the kit will make it fun for both the giver and the recipient. Every new kit release is amazing! Hope to get one before they are all gone!
Now that my husband has retired from the military and my children are in school I have the chance to fully pursue my nursing degree. Earning my R.N. has been a long time goal for me and completing this milestone will be one of the greatest achievements in my life.
So excited to get my hands on this and make some darling gifts!
This will be so much fun for my girls! Both of them love painting and coloring! Birthday gifts are going to be done early this year :D
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Dec 31, 2014