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Alicia Douglas
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first) natural selection will get their nasty asses second) W.T.F. how does that happen and third)how does a place of business let that and last W.T.F.
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2012 on Bathroom Hell at Retail Hell Underground
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Is it a right to hire and fire state? because if so its completely O.K but call the labor board and find out. I know from experence if your in missouri they owe him his pay check within 24 hours of firing. most places shape up and act right if you just mention the labor board.but there has got to be some kinda law because that is a problem on his work history if he is being fired for theft....hope you can find out something good luck and also that a buncha B.S
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Awesome berate him and confuse him all at the same time,but the guy prob.cant read anyway. So its all good
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Jan 29, 2012