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Ali Constantine
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I'm personally rather disappointed by the decision to reduce the number of entries. I feel that the blog post stated that entries should be "quite small in scale" and that they could be "scattered or random" but necessarily so. There was so indication that prints which weren't scattered or random would not be considered as obviously some ditsy prints can be more ordered and defined. I understand that there is no way the team could have known that they would receive so many entries. But I feel that it is unfair to remove entries without giving competitors a chance to edit their entries to fit this more narrowed definition of ditsy print. It's certainly disheartening to know that I spent a fair amount of time on a print that is probably going to be removed from the contest because of its more ordered pattern. I could have made a more random print, but I liked my design and thought others would as well, and it fit the specific description of being "quite small in scale" even though it wasn't "scattered or random."
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Sep 28, 2011