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Thanks Rich. If you do have personal info on members such as home addresses calling the police is clearly the best first step. (However I imagine this is rare.) Hopefully my post helped people consider their steps in the event they don't have physical home addresses - and also the surrounding issues in how one might deal with their community as a whole. My experience with the issue has shown it to have a pervasive influence on community sentiment and how we handled the next steps made a significant difference. Thanks again, sorry for the long post! I need to master brevity like you :)
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2010 on Call The Police at The Online Community Guide
Hi Lauren, I've been meaning to reply since reading this a few weeks back. I can certainly relate having been at receiving end of questionable behavior in my time as a Community Manager. In practicing my "zen skin" I remind myself that sometimes this behavior is a by-product of a communtiy that has a very strong sense of ownership. Ergo they don't take kindly to being 'reprimanded' or even left out. Whatever the circumstance may be, they sometimes view the CM in a different light to members. Of course this doesn't negate the need for netiquette but it does help to think it may be a result of a very robust & mostly healthy community? I find it very rare that these individuals will act the same when engaged in a one-on-one dialogue. It is then they accept you are in fact human too. I do understand where you are coming from however!
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Mar 25, 2010