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Frankly I would prefer Joe Hockey desisted from "being himself" since that seems to be excessiv ely arrogant and greedy." Joe Hockey is charging taxpayers thousands of dollars for babysitters to watch his children while he wines and dines VIPs in Washington.Despite already collecting an estimated $360,000 salary as US ambassador - and also double-dipping into his $90,000-a-year pension - Mr Hockey billed taxpayers almost $2500 for child minding during the five months in his new role." - 2016 "He famously declared that the “age of entitlement is over” during his stint as Treasurer, but in his new role as Australian Ambassador to the United States, Joe Hockey has caused a stir after using taxpayers’ dollars to fund several boozy events and even pay for babysitters for his children. According to figures obtained by the Herald Sun, the former treasurer claimed almost AU$70,000 in expenses between July and December last year to cover ‘entertainment’ costs, with the Australian public footing the bill for flowers, booze, childcare services and even Hockey’s laundry." 2018 › nation › politics "Age of entitlement isn't over for Joe Hockey who bills ... Oct 25, 2016 - You could not write a joke as good as Joe Hockey. ... fees are included in a long list of expenses incurred by US ambassadors in recent years".
And your evidence for these unsupported accusations is?
Actually he got this information from the Reserve Bank (the Head of which is appointed by the current government). I quote "However, demand in the global market for coal has been evolving in recent years, which is creating some uncertainties for the longer-term outlook for coal exports. Looking forward, demand will be shaped by the speed of the transition towards renewable energy sources, changing steel production technologies, and the pace of global economic growth" Dingbat LNP appointee? The World Energy Council would agree with Mr Albanese also-"Each Issue Map provides a visual snapshot of the uncertainties and action priorities that energy policymakers, CEOs and leading experts strive to address" and deals extensively with uncertainties around the future of coal. There is also uncertainty because Australia is being punished by China for Trump's trade war. sells a massive 30.6 per cent ($123.3 billion) worth of its exports to China, according to figures from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). We are heavily dependant on China to export coal "Australia sells a massive 30.6 per cent ($123.3 billion) worth of its exports to China, according to figures from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)." That eclipses what Australia sells to Japan, South Korea, the United States and India combined ($117.5 billion) — 29.1 per cent of its exports. Plus the Chinese govt turns the tap on & off to suit themselves. A third of Australia's exports are shipped to China, meaning any shockwaves from Beijing will be felt particularly sharply in the lucky country. "In recent months, China's economy has taken a beating as a consequence of its ongoing trade war and tit-for-tat tariffs with the United States" So the demand for Australian coal will retract during the trade war. So there is an enormous uncertainty around coal.
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Jan 18, 2020