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don't know ..don't care.
so...does this mean we all should cancel netflix for good ?
when i try to put it on instant it say no available ??
so wants to watch that crap
netflix will be going out of buisness soon so save your money
nexflix doesn't have to feel bad . they can't help it they got greedy...
the almighty GREED took over
and i spent it all in one place
someone tripped over the plug
@ fearno1 i will be praying for you and your nexflix in Jamaica venture..
mine was neither here or there
true when i want to watch something i stream it better than waiting for the mailman .
if people want to watch crap and get ripped off then dish is the answer..
so i was getting that error last night . thinking it was my isp...nope netflix again
for Jv3030 i did get a life i dumped satellite and went to streaming .sooo much better and no commercials ...ahhhhhh yes yes
America is broken and beyond repair
last night was bad . it kept going down
smart move on walmarts part
i watched a movie in the toilet bowl yesterday