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Watching ICE QUEEN recorded off the Chiller Network. I expect to rate it 2 stars. Then watching FAUSTO 5.0 on Instant Watch and then PRAYER BEADS: DISC 1. Saw it already, rated it 4 stars, and wanted to see it again.
Greatly enjoyed There Will Be Blood and as 'prozac' too was not what I expected...but I actually knew nothing before watching it last night.
I've seen a few of his films but I was a child at the time. I'll certainly watch everything now in an effort to better get to know such a legend as he. I knew Heston more for his work with the NRA but was shocked when I heard that film had lost such an icon, my thoughts are with his wife and family
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2008 on Charlton Heston: Dead at 84 at Hacking NetFlix
As for Prince, what was the name of that rock group that got so bent out of shape about Napster, making themselves the poster children of the RIAA? Metallica and band member Lars Ulrich were very vocal about the 'evils' of the internet.
Very interesting read.
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2007 on Links to Netflix? at Hacking NetFlix
I rented Clerks: The Animated TV Series and instead received Clerks (the full length black and white film). The envelope was correct but the disc inside was not. I called Netflix, they awarded me a bonus rental. I readded that tilte to my queue and tried to rent it again a month later. The same exact mistake was made and they sent me the wrong title again. I called again and got another bonus rental. A review of that animated series on the site also makes not that the person received the wrong disc 3 times. Outside of it seemingly happening frequently with that particular rental, all other titles for me have been correct.
I'm paying about 75 cents per rental on the 3-out plan $18/month. Overcharging? Not even close.
Seriously, it's getting heated over there with Reed Hasting's "relative" chiming in. Netflix all the way!
DVDs returned Thursday. 2 discs in the same prepaid was checked in on Friday and the next on Monday. I was about to call about a missing disc but they did in fact check it in after the weekend. Makes me wonder if some 'lost' discs are 'lost' within the Netflix system after being returned.
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2007 on How Many Lost Netflix Discs? at Hacking NetFlix