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big al
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I got to 1:14. I truly admire anyone who got farther :)
Toggle Commented Jun 7, 2016 on The Dunning-Kruger Diaries at davidthompson
What do these people do?....I mean it...Apparently most are"educated" or have some sort of post secondary degree, but really,what do they do?.....Are there really that many Starbucks or other specialty coffee shops or leftie bookstores out there? And in the case of a natural disaster or civic unrest, what could they do if they're keyboard or smart phone won't respond :)
Now if she had an open can of tuna,every alley cat in the area could have had a part in this and she might have had some funding from PETA,starving artiste and all that rot ,you know.......Any idea what the waif in the white outfit was supposed to represent?
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2014 on Spider-Man’s Unwell Cousin at davidthompson