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Allan Wood
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I may be a Red Sox fan, but I lived in NYC for 18 years, and am a New Yorker at heart, so I **LOVE** those old pictures, too. Thanks!
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2011 on Yuck. at YFSF
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Yes, there is always next year. But first, there is *this* year.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2011 on Yuck. at YFSF
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if the guy could write some lines above a second-grade level or maybe actually rap, something like this might work. but as it stands, this is gruesome. (contrast it with this newscast, which is amazingly well done (conservatives and other right-wingers may want to stay away)) it doesn't even have a catchy chorus, which, actually, thank god, or we'd have it stuck in our heads for weeks.
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Every other game or situation mentioned happened in the "middle" of a game. Changing that upsets the entire rest of the contest. You can't change the 1985 call or the Offerman's 1999 phantom tag because then what happens in the rest of the game? It's why, when a guy is caught stealing and the next guy triples, that it is dumb to say the team would have scored a run. You have no way of knowing that the triple would have happened if the guy stole the base. Reversing Joyce's game does not change the outcome of the game and wiping out batter #28 would be like wiping out the first 2 innings of game called by rain. It "never happened". We know that official scorers change hits to errors or errors to hits, thus awarding new RBIs or taking away earned runs a day or two after some games. And we barely notice or care. Changing this call falls into that category. And so Selig keeps his streak of doing or saying the absolute wrong thing for baseball intact. He is 479-for-479*. * numbers approximate, but the 100% part is accurate.
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2010 on Move On at YFSF
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Mar 28, 2010