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This just kills me. For the last 40+ years I've been associated with the joys of discovering gustatory delight. In more than 20 years, my wife, Carla, and I started "Chicago" magazine, ran its restaurant-reviewing team, and reviewed restaurants for "Chicago" magazine, "Bon Appétit," and elsewhere. It was our joy to discover the reincarnation of haute cuisine, the rise and fall of nouvelle and cuisine minceur, the fun and folly of inter-ethnic hybrids, the evolution of "molecular gastronomy," and the return to honest cooking of real foods. At last, in our retirement, we found solace in dining as a natural setting for simple sociability and the pleasures of relaxation, only to fall prey to the Cirque du Soleil-like folderol temptations you describe. Had we specific knowledge of your meal's cost and the stamina to sit through four hours of ingenious food trickery, wining, and the inevitable interrogating servers such an experience requires, it would be enough to make us want to go back to work!
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How neat are the abalones! Can they also jet through the shell holes as scallops do to escape octopuses? Their feet are another cool feature. At first glance they remind one of newly tonsured mussels. How big are they? Will they ever be served whole or raw. Can their shells be serving pieces? What's the size range of the lobsters? Do their claws ever get "cheesy" like Homarus americanus in the autumn? Once, in a self-proclaimed lobster museum (and retail lobster store) I saw specimens mounted on the wall that were split cleanly down their length, half blue shell, half off-white. I've seen similar mixes with half red ones in photos on the internet. I assume your blue boys turn red when dropped in their final bath. Cool to see the tanks filled with life! Could any conceivably be "in residence" long enough to need feeding? How do you keep track of their tenancy? Al
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