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Oh, that looks like a dangerous store! I held back and only ordered the pastry cutter ;) Thanks, tips! I lived in Bristol for the majority of my time in the UK - with a few months in Edinburgh. When I was selecting cities, I had narrowed it down to Leeds and Bristol - but the thought of a harbor side drew me to the coast!
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2012 on Adventures in Bread Baking at Clockwork Lemon
I made all my own bread when I was living in England. It was delightful but an incredible challenge. The winters aren't cold enough to produce "strong-flour" so it was always a challenge finding flour, and the humidity! Oh goodness, don't even think about trying anything but weighing your flour. My sourdough was the only one that disappointed over there. I would get a good loaf, and the next would fall flat or BURST! I often neglected my starter - oops! I'm back in Canada, and have been making buns (using potato water) and focaccia loaves. I'm again finding flour difficult, generally I am using 2-3 times more water to produce a loaf. I know it is dryer but that seems excessive. What brand of flour do you use? (I'm in Sask, so products should be similar) Where did you find your scraper (in the first picture) - I would LOVE one, but have yet to find one. I have no bread shots, but if you are looking for an alternative bread book, check out River Cottage Bread Handbook - it's my bread bible. Actually, all the River Cottage Handbooks are gems!
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2012 on Adventures in Bread Baking at Clockwork Lemon
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Mar 7, 2012