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Allie Mcneil
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First off Shuma is a beautiful baby....he is a baby...and I think it is hard when kids and parents don't respond with empathy and a baby at a are on a path with your son, you as a mom are the main person that will teach him to be proud of ALL his heritage and WHO he is....and as long as you treasure him and are proud of him, that is what will make a huge difference in his life. In the end he won't remember some of these incidents, but you will have to learn a response that you also can teach him. I had a baby that was huge, I mean it, off the charts, and constantly everywhere we went he was started at called names and mocked, I was stunned how insensitive people could be. But finally one time at a playground bigger kids called my "giant" names and my son, 4 at the time, turned and said" well, atleast I am not small minded, I know that being big is not a big deal".....I was so proud of him in that moment..he stood up for himself....and he walked away from the insults...he knew he did not have to stay and take it, or explain to them or make nice with them.....and he taught me, that sometimes people do act small minded, and when that happens, you just have to walk away...and carry on....Walk Tall.... So to both of you I say Walk Tall...Stay both are beautiful...and well, other people are not always evolved, mature or well, kind....
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Mar 14, 2012