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As I reflect upon the past three years that I have taught in Mississippi as a member of the Mississippi Teacher Corps- my mind is flooded with a myriad of images and my heart pangs with emotions ranging from guilt to gratitude, from let-downs to the unabated love that sustained... Continue reading
Dear Incoming First- Year, It is such a privilege to be writing to an individual committed to service and welcoming of the challenges that you will need to necessarily embrace throughout your next few years teaching in a critical-needs school district. More than skills, knowledge base, or any innate talent,... Continue reading
The progression (or regression) that describes my blog writing from when I first entered the program to today is telling. Just two weeks out of the familiar confines of analyzing the romantiziation in Don Quixote, the objectification of "the other" in Othello, or the mimetic language in Spencer's The Fairy... Continue reading
“Why would anyone ever want to become a middle school teacher?” I uttered these adversely prophetic words eleven years ago as I watched my fourteen-year old peers devise a systematic plan to sabotage the scheduled geography exam instead of listening to a single word Ms. Caramana said. As a secondary... Continue reading
Reasons to Join Mississippi Teacher Corps: 1) This experience is NEVER boring- you will NEVER, EVER wonder about how to spend your ‘free time.’ EVER. 2) The people you meet will be some (if not the most) talented, passionate, and highly-driven individuals you will ever meet in your life. 3)... Continue reading
As education continues to occupy a much-deserved, national and global platform, the U.S is prompted to look to Finland- a country that boasts a significantly higher graduation rate, equal education access among students, and high achievement on not only national, but international benchmarking tests. Furthermore, Finland's per-pupil spending rate is... Continue reading
Viewing the portfolios of my former MTC classmates has been both reaffirming and personally reflective. Though for each teacher, the journey was distinctly different, the outcome shaped by each respective journey, the overall defining sentiment was that of perseverance triumphing at the end. I was especially impressed with Amani Floyd's... Continue reading
Response to: This blog assignment could not have come at a more relevant time... As a middle school Reading teacher for over - aged seventh graders (13 - 16) years old, the argument for homework, as indicative of having 'high expectations' has been baselessly contended by administrators to parents... Continue reading
Posted Sep 23, 2010 at Allison Lynn's blog
Student-Centered vs. Teacher Centered After two weeks of observing the personality dynamic of my classrooms, I was able to strategically pick students helpers that would both self-regulate their individual sense of ownership for the classroom and their learning as well as provoke other students’ sense of self. This implementation alone... Continue reading
"Teaching children used to be such a pleasure..." reminisced a veteran teacher of 33 years as we discussed the recent & significant pay cuts in salary & pension, this year. This comment really struck me as I've never really articulated this in my own reflection-"is teaching pleasurable?" "The past 5... Continue reading
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Sep 22, 2010