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Thanks for this information, Brent. It is great to see that the word is getting out on the arrogant and deceitful ways of HSUS. We may be watching the fall of a corrupt empire as we speak. Wayne Pacelle must be shaking in his plastic boots and polyester suit because of the upstart of Up until a couple of months ago there was so much bickering, infighting and finger pointing going on between the various animal advocacy organizations that WP and friends could move ahead with highly successful divide and conquer tactics while so few people noticed the contradictions. I can't tell you the number of people I know personally - intelligent and ordinarily thoughtful people - who are fanatical supporters of HSUS and still, somehow, in spite of so much evidence to the contrary, believe that HSUS is a humane society. I am tired of spitting in the wind, so am thrilled to see your well-known and respected blog step up with un-impeachable information. Whenever I hear Wayne point fingers at CCF, Rick Berman and HumaneWatch when he is confronted with facts, I think of a thief who claims he is not guilty because the security camera was "bought and paid for" by the shopkeeper. sigh . . . "HumaneWatch does NOTHING to help animals", Wayne often hollers. Well, since HW does not claim to be a humane society, that is a specious argument. But, the biggest irony of all is that now, thanks to this expose of HSUS, HumaneWatch actually DOES help animals! When people wake up to where their donations to HSUS are going, they will very likely change their minds and support REAL humane societies and animal welfare programs. So there, Wayne, now you have succeeded in turning the tables on yourself. I love when that happens.
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Apr 29, 2010