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Wow, Messi was unreal on that goal.
Glad to hear FSC is at least playing the replay of the AV-Fulham game. I'm gone all day at rehearsal anyways, so I'll DVR it and watch it when I get home. Unfortunately, that means I won't be able to log on to SBI (my usual diversion during rehearsal downtime) until after I watch the game.
Lots of phantom fouls against us
I really like Mo Edu, but he has not looked sharp so far.
How the hell was that a foul on Jozy?
Donovan and Bradley the only ones that impressed me i the first half. Jozy started to show a spark toward the end as well.
I feel sick
Terrible card
Can we stop just booting it forward?
you've got to be kidding me
posession, boys
Great ball Mikey!
Baltimore, MD
You HAVE to score that!
more noticeable in both shots are the bright pink (fuchsia?) shoes.
too bad offsides, that was a fantastic ball by Pienaar
both goals they've shown a slow-mo of just the boot hitting the ball. Does Nike have a hand in that?
horrible defending, damn.
I was wondering that too. Was he in goal for the tune-up games?
SA at least showing a little life toward the end..
...and now we all switch to the in-game thread...
he was offsides. there have to be two defensive players behind the player, usually the goalkeeper is one of those two.
correct call, he was behind the goalie
he was just trying to delay a quick restart by standing over the ball when the South African was trying to play it immediately after the handball.
that right wing seems to be open every time for SA