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I just love everything about this movie. the fact that they are blue is just perfect. can you imagine them with another color? I can't. besides, every other color was already taken and green was obviously not the color to choose. and blue blends perfectly with the forest and everythind around them. and the skin glowing... beautiful. I like what Isaac Gimenez said about that. that it was because they are a part of Eywa and because of that the energy goes through them. the best comment I've read on this "glowing" issue and I liked it. I've seen this movie twice already and I can´t stop thinking about it. I would love to live in Pandora as an Avatar. It would be so peaceful and amazing. but as I've said before in another comment it would only work with a very short number of avatars. if we all went as avatars to pandora we would eventually do the same we've been doing to Earth. We would destroy it. and I for sure wouldn't want for that to happen. peace from portugal
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2010 on Why Are AVATAR Aliens Blue? at Avatar Blog
avatar here on Earth? no. Earth is too "polluted" if you know what I mean. too much evil going on beetwen us in this world. nothing like in Pandora. forget about matrix. that would not be real. I was talking about suffering a transformation like the one jake did in the end of the movie. but going to pandora as avatars would just work with a very very short number of people (like in the movie). if we all went as avatars to Pandora we would just do the same we've been doing here on Earth. we would eventually destroy everything. because whether we want to admit it or not that's in our nature. after all, that's what we've been doing to Earth. and it would be extremely sad for that to happen to something so beautiful as Pandora is. it sounds too extreme but I'm not the only one who thinks this way. and about what you said of "the war going on here more real than the movies"... that's exactly the problem. I'm sick and tired of war. pandora is just a paradise
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2010 on The AVATAR/Matrix Connection at Avatar Blog
hi everyone! greetings from portugal when I saw the movie I didn't see a connection beetwen Avatar and Matrix. I didn't even like Matrix. so I don't like to say that there is a connection but maybe. if someone appeared in front of me and said: "pandora is real. do you want to become an Avatar?" my answer would definitely be yes. the way of living is so amazinglly respectful towards nature and Pandora is just gordeous.
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2010 on The AVATAR/Matrix Connection at Avatar Blog