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R Almeida
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When I receive that awesome e-mail notification that I sold an item, I always send an e-mail back thanking for the purchase, in that e-mail I start with a " Hello (buyer's name), and also say the name of the item purchased, so that she/he can knows that it was really me sending that e-mail! Interacting with costumers is a must do thing, at least, when I'm in that side, i like when the seller does that to me!
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I used to make a matching suggestion in an item's description, when it existed, but just with the name of the other item (of course, in the same shop), but a while ago I started to see that other sellers actually post the url, I always thought that we weren't allowed to do that! So now I also add the url of the matching item. It's a great thing to do!
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Thank you so much for these tips! I never thought of creating a survey! I ask my costumers for feedback, but not in an obsessive way, and the only that usually give are the sellers like me, so I'm going to try a survey! Thank you again, your tips are so great!
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Jan 26, 2012