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When resources have to be shared, Just a question: about wich resources do you (would we) talk about? Regards ALOA
It happened to horses; why couldn't it happen to humans? That´s easy. Humans are. You can reduce the amount of horses if you don´t need them. But: what would they do if we could not reduce them? The essence of what you asked/wrote would be: they would do absolutely nothing. This is wrong (obvious, not?). So - the correct question would not be if we will work. The correct question ist: what will we work or what will we call "work". So - have a look at the developement of the sectors wich are around medicine/health car, nurture and what we are doing with or better in our spare time. The amount of people working there is rising. And notive another fact. If we are working we have a "positiv output" (spending more time for other people then we get (working) "time" from them back). In the time we do not work the saldo is negative (not from + to zero but to - ). So - although the process could be going on anyway - it is going on very, very, (very) slowly. Just a statistic from Germany. People working in and for medicine/health care and BIP compared from 1960 to 2002. It´s just a jump from 3% to 12% for employment and for BIP (and we could really do a lot better). What was the question? Oh... It happened to horses; why couldn't it happen to humans? Answer: because we are humans and not horses. :-) Regards ALOA
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Feb 12, 2010