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There are so many issues with this law. 1) Nothing stops you from getting free refills or more than one cup. 2) What about movie theaters? I share a drink with my wife. 3) This requires a complete repackaging of soda. 20oz bottles will no longer be allowed to be sold. Even the 500 ml bottles are too large (16.9oz) 4) I find the belief that consumer choice is a "shallow" criticism to be sad.
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Michael I was going to applaud you for your amazing satire until I realized you are serious. I would be worried except for the fact that you would never receive the necessary votes from 3/4ths of the states to repeal the 2nd Amendment. I seriously doubt you would ever receive the votes from 2/3rds of both chambers to actually send it to the states.
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Richard says If a law abiding citizen wishes to purchase a gun for hunting or self-defense, he should be treated the same as one who buys a car: ----------- I fully agree. A person buying a car is not required to do anything other than pay for it. You can buy a car from a private individual with no paperwork at all. If you pay cash, you can buy a car from a dealership without having to prove anything other than that you have the cash. The only time paperwork enters into the equation is when you want to operate that car on public roads. At that point you have to have liability insurance and register the car with the state. I propose that gun ownership should be treated the same. The only time you should have to get a license for a gun is when you want to carry the gun in public. If you only use it in your home or on private land, you shouldn't need to do anything.
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-------- Loopholes in gun-registration laws, such as permitting the sale of guns at gun shows without requiring the screening of purchasers, can be closed. -------- There is no loophole. Guns purchased from dealers have to have the background check and registration whether at a gun show or a store. Guns purchased from private individuals, whether at a gun show or in someone's home do not have to have the background check.
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Feb 22, 2011