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he who is known as sefton
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"At the recent White House Correspondents Dinner, master comedian Stephen Colbert performed magnificently. With the rapier of wit and the mace of truth, he respectively skewered and censured the presidency of "dum'ass botch". And that's not all Mr Colbert accomplished. Tucked away in his address to the dinner's flabbergasted attendees, like a ticking time bomb, there was an "easter egg", which we had absolutely . . . here "we" is a polite nod . . . NO right to expect. Like a mischievous Easter Bunny, Mr Colbert delivered a bon mot, so profound as to approach philosophical. oh, before I reveal Mr Colbert's casual accomplishment, I should like to preface with a cave-- . . . " The above text, which is enclosed within quotes, can be found appended to the article, which is located on the other side of the below hyperlink. thanking you in advance for your gracious patience, toodles ...../ .he who is known as sefton . . . oh, yeah, I should add that the full title for that post is "rehabilitation of and by and for the right wing" . . .
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okay, let's say you'd like to learn about an actual political campaign to impeach the president ... ah, none of this noise about a yearning for somebody to go do it ... in addition, you'd like to learn about a game plan to snag Osama ... if all the above meets with your approval, then click, somehow, on the following hyperlink: and get ready for a ride on a wild blog toodles .......\ .he who is known as sefton oh, yes, the above was copied and then pasted by an actual human being, who visited this "FRAMESHOP" blog.
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In the beginning, I decided to join the campaign to impeach your "smirking chimp", my "dum'ass botch". As evidence for that, you'll soon be invited to click on a hyperlink. Before doing so, however, I would like you to read through the rest of this text. In case, you'd like to know, the U.R.L for your blog, specifically, "BAGnewsNotes", is found at the third hyperlink on the list below ... ah, please remember, no clicking until AFTER reading the entire text. Perusing your blog, I believe I arrived at what is a reasonable inference. That is, both you and your readers would welcome news that indicates the campaign to impeach the president is increasing in both vigor and breadth. Ah, you'll find that evidence by clicking on the second enclosed hyperlink. As for my plan for capturing Osama, you'll find it by clicking on the first listed hyperlink: toodles ......\ .he who is known as sefton oh, yes, surely, you've heard about the government "requesting" certain records about internet activity. oh, br'dah! Cynical and skeptical me, I'm smelling a rat in all that.
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2006 on Your Turn: Bush On The Green at BAGnewsNotes
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Thanks to my perusing your blog, specifically, "FRAMESHOP", I have arrived at what I believe is a defensible inference. Both you, Mr Feldman, and your readers would welcome news of in-your-face overt opposition to your "smirking chimp", my "dum'ya botch". In plainer terms, I want to run for Representative for Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District on a platform calling for the impeachment of President George Walker Bush. Incidentally, I deliberately referred to your blog, to indicate that I visited your blog as an individual, and not as a spammer. Yes, that last is an illustion to a "pre-deconstruction" chick flick with a rating of two and a half hankies. Ah, before you click on any of the enclosed hyperlinks, please read the entirely of my comment. For example, the three planks I nailed together in my platform out to get me elected. "impeach bush" is the first plank. The second is "impeach bush". The third is like the second, "impeach bush". To continue, the first hyperlink below leads to the opening salvo of my campaign. As for the second hyperlink, it leads to evidence that my candidacy is about more than opposition solely for the sake of opposition. toodles ......\ .he who is known as sefton
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2006 on Frameshop: Phony Baloney at FRAMESHOP
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