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Just buy an old Soviet Jupiter-9 85 mm 1:2, which is a 1940s Zeiss Sonnar, and has the legendary rendering that the Sonnar design provides. Even on APS-C you have a focal length of 135 mm-e, which while not perfect is still workable for portraits. Here's a review:
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Mike: I wouldn't class Tago Mago as one of Can's most accessible albums: try Future Days or Soon Over Babaluma, or their reunion album with their original vocalist, Malcolm Mooney, Rite Time. Alun
You might feel inclined to listen to BBC Radio 4 at 20:00 BST on 10 Sep (you can listen online by going to ) where they consider what was happening the day before 9/11 -- the US govt announcing a 'War on Illiteracy' and a 'War on Bureaucracy', for example. I'm not downplaying the horror of the attacks on 11 Sep, nor is the BBC, but it's always handy to see things in perspective.
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Sep 8, 2011