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OMG! I've never won anything before! Thank you! And my dad thanks you, too, once he gets it.
Toggle Commented May 25, 2011 on Raised bed winner, and more! at Garden Rant
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It is true -- the internet is a wild and woolly place. But there are paid professionals, like the old time sheriffs, who work hard to keep law and order where they can. Say hello to the last thin line between civilization and complete anarchy: Librarians. My husband and two of my dear friends happen to be librarians and so I'm a little overly passionate about the issue, but Librarians get masters degrees in how to navigate through and around the pile and pile of freelance-generated sludge out there. If you want to find a reputable source to answer your question, call or email your librarian, or go to the local library website where they almost certainly have an email or chat option, and ask your question. You could also go in person. The librarians will help. If your local library has been victim of budget cuts (because, say, no one ever goes there or wants to pay taxes to support it because they think the internet can replace paid expertise in finding reputable sources) then you need to go to the IPL, Internet Public Library ( It's a free site manned by volunteers (mostly Masters candidates who are "volunteering" for class credit) who will answer any questions with links to reputable sources online. This public service rant is now ended. Sorry to get all soapboxy!
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2011 on Dear eHow: Please Go Away at Garden Rant
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Jan 12, 2011