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Alyce Morgan
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Having good friends Friday night and was going to make my own favorite stew (lamb, sausage, beans, tomatoes, wine-you have the picture) and about to change my mind. I'm thinking we should all make each others' favorite stews and get a bunch of new ones we love. Salad in frig, dessert made (bought?) ahead, wine and glasses set out--says it all; I love to make things like stew for company. THANKS!
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If only you lived next door; we eat almost only dark meat! I make turkey soup and pot pie with the breast...and what little is left of the dark meat. Enjoy this blog...thanks!
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Jan 26, 2011
And so you know why people sing in church choirs for years...why they ring bells...why they pound drums... There's a reason we say, "Sing your heart out," as church choir directors. A reason why the breath we take before we sing not only produces sound, but nourishes our souls. A reason why we're told to "Sing a new song." As a life-long church musician, I'm convinced opening and sharing our physical-musical selves (think how a vocal soloist puts herself on the line)in the very best way not only teaches, praises or confirms, but also creates the health our God desires for us. What life-changing music? How about Jesus Loves Me? (Please let adults sing this in your worship space! Watch them when they do.) Or How about Rutter's "For the Beauty of the Earth"? How about the spiritual "I Hear a Voice-a Prayin'"? Or "For Good" from Wicked? "Somewhere Over the Rainbow?" That's a start! Be well in 2011 as you SING A NEW SONG, Alyce Morgan
While few talk about it, Colorado Springs is a glorious place in which to spend a winter. Well, no, there are no pink shrimp.... but we do have tasty bison, the best lamb, superb trout and fine peaches. Today it's going to be 60 and we'll grill on the deck tonight. We do have the occasional snow storm, but sunny days and "starry nights" rule the weather (and us.) I often cook with the windows open in January and February. And, of course, it's a short drive to Santa Fe!
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Jan 17, 2011