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Deep South, USA
Interests: Photography,Computers,Internet,Literature
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An 82-year-old woman who accidentally crashed her car through the front window of a southwest Michigan salon stuck around afterward for an appointment to get her hair done. via Continue reading
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Laughing is primal, our first way of communicating. Apes laugh. So do dogs and rats. Babies laugh long before they speak. No one teaches you how to laugh. You just do. via Continue reading
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The millennial generation — about 50 million people between ages 18 and 29 — is the only age group in the nation that doesn't cite work ethic as one of its "principal claims to distinctiveness," according to a new Pew Research Center study, "Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change." via... Continue reading
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After a review of the nation’s nuclear weapons arsenal that has involved, among others, the Pentagon, the Department of Energy and the intelligence services, as well as the White House, Obama is expected to reject the doctrine on nuclear weapons — the “nuclear posture” — adopted by George W. Bush,... Continue reading
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What's interesting to me, right now, is Evernote. Here's the definition of Evernote, from the Wikipedia entry: "Evernote is a collection of software and services that allows users to collect, sort, tag and annotate notes and other miscellaneous information." They have free and paid versions. Interestingly enough, the free version... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2010 at Amachaley's blog
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