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My nephew is now 16 years old and despite being a teenager is still a sweet kid. When he was 3 years old he came to visit just before the Holidays and I had all my decorations out including a dancing Santa. I hadn't turned Santa on or even mentioned anything about the special time of year to him. He was kind of waddling around and staring at the decorations as I went about my business around the house. I noticed him paying particular attention to the dancing Santa which stood on top of a wrapped package next to the tree at about the same height as he was at the time. I thought of just snapping a picture of the scene and wouldn't you know it, he gave Santa a kiss just as I snapped the picture! He did it on his own I didn't even let him know I was taking a picture, I was looking for a candid photo. I was amazed and it is still a photo I treasure to this day. It is all about the love and innocence of a child, the fundamental meaning of the Holiday to me.
I am really excited about these dies! I will start with the base kit but I do love the Thanks die too! Might have to get both and can hardly wait to see how creative you get with any add on in the years to come! PS: Thanks for not sending alot of e-mails. I tend to delete the ones I get everyday without even reading them. So when I got yours, I knew it was going to be special! :-) Thanks for the great tutorials! - Amalia
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I would love to have some Bella's as I don't have any and I have seen some of the cutest projects made with them. Thanks for the chance to give these stamps a try!
I love surprises! Happy New Year Everyone!
My original post doesn't seem to have posted.:-(. I adore pop-ups and I have both the O Christmas Tree die and the Pop-up Cake die! I would love to see what fabulousness you create. I hope to win, best wishes to all! - Amalia
It's so hard to choose just one! I love them all but the gray set is so elegant I love it the most.
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Jun 17, 2010