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Let me start off with this: Anger is very useful in a social movement or change - I cannot disagree there. And the fact that our leaders are stating that non-religious people are not "people" is completely against everything our ancestors fled other countries to escaped - forced belief systems by their governments or kings - i.e. the right to believe what they wanted, and the freedom to practice that belief. Should that not extend to the right to NOT believe, for if we don't have the right to choose NO religion, how is that truly freedom? Let me continue with this: Anger over things long since passed that had no bearing on your life, your LIFETIME, and you, does nothing, helps nothing, and can only result in making the impact your anger has less (or nothing at all) in the end. What is happening in other countries to other people due to religious beliefs is an atrocity, but do you plan on going over there and changing anything yourself? Do you think some social movement you create, help create, or help make happen here will affect them in any way? Your anger over what is happening outside of your own world only takes away from what is really happening in your own world - anger that is honest and justified, anger which you can mold and use to make a change that can honestly affect your life and the lives of those around you. And then: While you speak about how you don’t think it’s fair for either side to have their cake and eat it too so speak – specifically to only point out the good or the bad that is done in the name of religion and brush off what doesn’t support their point as irrelevant – you rant about how Americans would not elect an Atheist President without addressing the social, political, educational, and other relevant views held by out-spoken atheists that the 55% of Americans know who wouldn’t vote in an Atheist President. Perhaps Atheists think just as clearly and rationally as the next guy – but how would anyone know it when all that the non-atheists hear are the rantings of the guy that is way off the deep end? Which is EXACTLY what most religious people say when an Atheist brings up the idiotic, brain-dead, retarded thing done in the “name” of religion – that is not what Religion stands for, that is not what your average Religious person is like … just like your average Atheist is not like the loud-mouthed, overly opinionated, might-as-well-be-preaching Atheist that every Religious person knowsandhates. But you completely failed to address that, as though it was completely irrelevant. Atheists and Religious-folk are more like than either care to admit – they both have reason to be angry; and legitimate reason I think; but ONLY if they are honest, good folk, who are living their lives by the golden rule: Do unto others what you would have done unto you. If they aren’t, it doesn't matter what crap falls from their mouths when it is opened, it is not legitimate, and it is not a valid reason for anything, let alone to be angry. What I think it all comes down to is this: Everyone has a right to believe or not believe whatever they want. Those around me – they don’t know what I believe, and that’s the way it should be. Everyone knows where the nearest church of any particular religion is and how to get there and how to find out what time services are. They know they are welcome if they want to attend, whether that is “their” religion or not. Everyone knows how to “find God” if they want to suddenly start going to Church or switch religions. Everyone knows where to go to get preached at if they feel the needs to absorb some religion. What you choose to believe or not believe is your own choice, your own right, and your own business, and no one else’s – not your friend’s (unless you want to talk about it), not your neighbor’s, not your family’s, not your dog, and certainly not your internet buddies. If people choose to post Religion on their social page on the internet, that is their choice, and it is your choice if you read it or not; they are allowed to live their life the way they want, just as you are. America needs to open its eyes, clear its mind, and realize that if each and every person wants the FREEDOM to choose if they are CHRISTIAN – be it Baptist, or Catholic, or Presbyterian, or anything else – or NOT … or if they would like to CHOOSE another RELIGION, or NO RELIGION AT ALL … they need to CHOOSE to all EACH AND EVERY PERSON TO BE FREE TO CHOOSE, which means allowing your mother, your brother, your child, your neighbor, your ENEMY to be free to choose or not choose whatever ever religion he or she wants.
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Dec 20, 2011