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Why a pulse system hurts riders in my town of Stamford, CT: It reduces what could be a frequent transit network within the downtown core to an infrequent suburban bus system. Many of our routes merge as they enter the downtown, with 3 or more routes serving the same downtown-to-train station trip. Under the pulse system, I will see a stream of buses go by that could bring people to the station or back, but then it can be 20 minutes or longer before the next stream appears. Staggering the routes would mean that we could have a bus every 3 minutes at peak periods, and people could actually use the bus system within the core without regard to scheduling. I'm not convinced that enough people transfer from bus to bus to make it worth losing out on frequency improvements made possible by these overlapping routes.
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2010 on basics: finding your pulse at Human Transit
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Nov 30, 2010