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I really like how this quote brings up what 'it's all really doing to us as humans" and compares technology to gorging on fast food for the first time. Just as there was a backlash against fast food, I hope we ease off technology a bit in the future and remember to engage with each other.
Amazing. What a wordsmith. This also intimidates me. Do writers put this much thought into each sentence?
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2011 on This Sentence Has Five Words at Adkisson | Blake
I think it's interesting that the High Line is considered a park. It's not a place for lounging, congregrating with people, throwing a ball or having a picnic. It is a place for leisure-- but it's very active. The design of the High Line propels you forward. Once you're up there, you can't stop moving.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2011 on Architecture of the High Line at Adkisson | Blake
I think it appeals to the badass inside us that we all want to be.
This "online output" is astonishing. Do you think this much gets produced in the REAL world each minute? It makes me worry that our future exists entirely online, with humans chained to devices... shells of their ancestors.
Interesting. So this grab-and-go treatment of Starbucks must mean it's the new base coffee experience-- it's no longer special, or glorified. If Starbucks is now taken for granted... what's the next big thing to take its place?
I have another element I'd like to add to the mix: "Do what you love and all else will follow." You'll do your best work only if you love what you're doing. And it's a disservice to yourself if it doesn't excite you.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2011 on Roots & Wings at Adkisson | Blake
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Apr 21, 2011