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while i certainly appreciate your consciousness, intention, and self-awareness, i really don't see this sort of change happening via twitter. i'm not saying it's impossible, i'm saying that the forum is insufficient. what is needed is direct, open, & honest conversations in which people are safe -and willing- to dig into themselves, the history of this country, and the present oppressive systems that keep our society alive. as much as we would love to see it, this is not happening in 140. i have observed (and participated in) attempts to have such conversations, set examples, etc. inevitably, you get trolls (from all sides) who derail the conversation with hateful, uninformed, closed-minded vitriol. this happens whether the conversations are serious/academic or use humour as a way to broach the subject. there are still far too many people who refuse to listen, jumping only to spew nonsense. i do, however, understand the idea of taking small steps and changing things about one's everyday life. i just think we need bigger, more impactful efforts to get things moving. thank you for your willingness to check your own leanings, step outside your comfort zone, and engage.
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Feb 22, 2013