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Amanda Scott
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Supporter of Water-Based paint here. Water based takes more steps to have a hardy finish like you get with Oil-Based, but it's more environmentally friendly and easier to dispose of extras (and less smelly). If you prime (water or oil based), then lightly sand then paint it will hold on wayyy better, and if you seal with polycrylic (water based - won't yellow) it is just as durable. I painted 2 Rast dressers, the first with white rustoleum and the second with Behr Snowfall in Satin with Satin Poly and I like the second wayyyy better, like it become one with the piece more than the oil (that sounds really hippie but I can't describe it another way). Not surprising, since with oil-based stain the pigment literally sits on top of the wood and water- or alcohol-based stain penetrates the wood. If you're interested in all sorts of (re)finishing I highly recommend 'The Furniture Bible' by Christophe Pourny. It's a great read for the variety and history of finishing techniques and most importantly how taking extra time is worth it on pieces that can last a lifetime, if not generations (which most furniture can, doesn't have to be expensive, even ikea).
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Apr 17, 2015