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Camila Amaya-Castro
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Towards the end of this very interesting session, I shared with the group my reason for being there. My age of 39 yrs does not show. People often think I am 10 or more years younger, which I perceive as a disadvantage on the workfloor. Currently, I am turning around my career and I would like to take this opportunity to address this point. I was positively surprised to see how my statement caused a lot of response, during and after the conference : -Should I adapt my « look » and look older ? (like Evita did at a point) -Or just accept this, because I do physically look considerably younger. I should be glad for it. -Is it because I live a different life, more similar to 30-year olds, and I don’t have children? -What « age » do I feel, do I act ? And behaviour such as being hesitant at times can be perceived as behaviour that younger people have. -Why do I perceive it as a problem and is this not in itself the problem perhaps ? I believe all of these comments are true. Though it doesn’t translate directly into the goddesses presented, it is in part due to an unbalance, such as dominance to one goddess over another, or a perceived unbalance (perceived by others), due to unconventionality in lifestyle & beliefs. An important question that others also addressed and that applies to women in particular (though not only) is : to what extent should I adapt to the convention of the workfloor, to others. To what extent should I try to fit into another’s mold ?
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Oct 3, 2010