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The NKLA website listed reasons to spay or neuter your animal. To my surprise they did not list one of the reasons as "It's the law." I just watched a TV broadcast from Dallas, TX. A mandatory s/n law was passed in Dallas in 2008, yet the news reporter never stated this. The story focused on an aggressive dog, and that many dog attacks are the result of unaltered male dogs. She mentioned that the city council was considering a bill to make spay/neuter mandatory. It's sad and surprising that large organizations and the press don't even inform the public about local laws. I'm currently researching this topic, and having trouble finding accurate stats for intakes and euthanasias at government shelters. If anybody can assist with Dallas, Waco, LA, Las Vegas, I'd be very appreciative.
Thanks for keeping us informed. I Retweeted to over 12,000 followers.
I am sad to hear that Ashley and Nikki are struggling. Were it not for the problems we are facing at Amazon CARES, I would make a donation. I am sharing the message at least. We love I Love Rescue Animals!
My dear friends at BlogPaws: Tears came to my eyes upon seeing your blog. I am so impressed that you shared our disastrous news. We are receiving donations and we are so very grateful. The moral support is JUST as important. Sadly, the situation at the shelter has worsened. All dogs have been moved inside the "maloca" treatment building. Despite frequent walks on dry land, the dogs are stressed out. Thank you for your donation and for spreading the news. Sincerely, Molly Mednikow
I can not tell you how much your blog means to me. The outpouring of support has helped me keep my spirits up. The donations are helping us rebuild. Our former shelter, a source of great pride, is totally destroyed. We have space for a smaller shelter on higher ground, and construction starts today in Peru (weather permitting). I also want to thank you for your donation, Chloe. Every bit helps, and you are a generous, loving member of the animal community. I am forever grateful. Sincerely, Molly M. of Amazon CARES.
I agree this is an important issue, especially in today's economy when people are downsizing. I always want to shed light on the large numbre of apartment complexes with pet restrictions of absurdly high pet fees. At my former apartment I paif $400 PLUS a pet deposit to keep my dog. I couldn't dream of getting another pet at that price, plus the expenses of caring for a new pet. If apartments would lower these fees I bet we'd see a lot less pet relinquishment.
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Aug 21, 2010