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The only software I really need is the English language.
Interests: blogs, cats, words, popular culture, radical-middle politics, religion/spirit/values, books & reviewing, martial arts (shodan in kyokushin karate), the feldenkrais method (trainee)
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Did you ever see the original Star Trek episode called "The Enemy Within"? It's really my favorite because it's so thought-provoking. The transporter divides Captain Kirk into two. It turns out that his decisiveness and strength of command comes from his "bestial," appetitive side, but that side is also frightened. His "evolved" side is irresolute, but compassionate and fearless. He's only half a man either way,
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This is stunning. And I will quote and thank it when I get to writing the third part of this. It has long seemed to me that the biggest single cause of abortion is downhearted women trying to buy love with sex.
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Mar 15, 2010
Republican ex-Gov. Sarah Palin has penned one of the most powerful pieces of personal or political literature in a generation of American books. Watch that get quoted, irony-free and out of context. Just sayin'.
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Euan -- if you read LeGuin's THE DISPOSSESSED you will understand "the concept is cool but the reality requires compromise" and you'll also be very glad you did -- it's a marvelous, thought-provoking book.
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