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My BF and I just bought our 1910 home in Denver, CO. The charm is seeping out of the walls, it's beautiful. And then we decided to knock out a wall... and add a larger closet... and add new lighting... and oh you know, reno the kitchen. We bought in February and we move in in about two weeks. We just got walls, actually. We're lucky we are on the same page with the house, I love updates (lighting and paint, etc), but I ADORE charm. You can't cover charm with a generic kitchen backsplash, it's just not right. It's been a balance of keeping the green tiled fireplace, but adding a better color to the walls, or compromising the OG dark molding to brighten the place up (painting it white will murder me and give me life). Either way, it's a devastatingly painful process, but I lit up seeing drywall go up, made my heart flutter.
I second ALL of this. I need that cape. ;)
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Sep 4, 2012