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Thank you for this! Everyone seems to be afraid to tell the truth about this chocolate because of the niceness of the company and their values and because, I think, they don't want to be seen as closed-minded or square or something. There were a few of their chocolate items I liked but months after buying a sample pack of theirs, I'm struggling to finish it. It's that sour (yes, SOUR) taste and aftertaste totally ruining it for me. I can get past the texture but ugh, the taste just gets really gross after awhile. Yes, what a novelty, but I'll stick to smooth, conched chocolate that, even in its dark form, is sweet. Sometimes technological advancements take off for a reason; we don't have to go back to roots for every damn thing. I'm sure some people think that people like us are not hardcore enough for this "real and earthy" chocolate but hell, they can have it, more for them. :P
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Jun 3, 2014