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I feel this event is much, much too difficult to complete in the time allotted, even if you play constantly. I am at Phase 5 with 1 day left to complete, but in order to get to Phase 5, I had to pay and use about 150 keys (and pay for them) to speed things up. I think the major issue is the time it takes to get special items at the pond, pier, glad, mine, prized animals, and mill. I seemed to get one item every second visit at the pond, mine, pier or mill if I sent all farmhands (and an animal, which not every has) and one item every third or fourth visit for the glade or prized animals. For example, Stage 3 required at least 32 8-hour visits to the pond to get enough bass for the 16 Salt Baked Bass; that takes 10 days if you don't use keys to speed it up (with 4 hands unavailable to visit elsewhere during that entire time). But you also usually have to send all hands possible to get the special items, which makes them unavailable to go anywhere else. With constant playing, and even with help of keys, I won't be able to finish the event in the time allotted (unless, of course, I pay for more keys). I am giving up, and I probably won't try very hard to complete future events unless things change. As someone said above, this should be fun, not frustrating; I thought the event in itself was fun, but it became frustrating and not fun when it became clear that it is impossible to even finish the event unless you buy keys. The events have to be possible to complete within the time allotted, without having to buy keys, for them to be enjoyable for most players. Suggestion: It might be possible for players to complete events within the time allotted and without too much frustration if we were able to get the event items more often, say 2/3 of the time instead of 1/3-1/2 of the time. Essentially, only those who buy keys could finish this event in the time given. That actually may be the point, but I think it will be disappointing for most players. It seems that events are for the people who pay. Personally, I don't feel like participating in any more events after this. On a positive note, I really do enjoy the game otherwise. We can complete everything else for free, and I really appreciate that.
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Jul 15, 2015