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Love how beautiful and classy this card is. Great job!
Wait... what!?! You can curl Baker's twine!?! I've got to try that out. I also need to remember that it can be dyed any color- such a simple trick that I so often forget when I can't find a coordinating string. But the curling thing- I've never heard that one before and I can't wait to add it to projects!!
I love the black and white on the first card with a pop of color. So classy looking! I always forget about that sort of look... I need to use it more often.
Such a cute juggling bunny :) Sorry to hear about missing your friend though. I know what that's like all to well.
So cute :) I love those embossing folders. They are on my (very very long) wish list :) Love the simple layout that you did with them!
I had never seen this fold before- or the idea to use a sponge to apply the glue. That is gonna come in super handy!
Oh my what a story! I have to say I would hate that job too!! Fun use of the stamps for a scrapbook!
Isn't that paper just the best! It goes so perfectly with the hot air balloons... I just may have to cry once it is gone! Very pretty take on your card :)
Love those banners with the balloons! I preordered both, and haven't had a time to play with them yet (*shocked face*). I can't wait until I have time to sit down with them though. I may get going for hours though :)
So pretty! I haven't done emboss resist in a long time (other than the paper that is already ready for us), but I should really pull the supplies back out.
I really need to give this fold a try. Seen so many fun cards with it now!
I totally need to find some of those mini mason jars. So cute! And the little monster on them isn't bad either ;) Love it!
Love this card. I don't have that stamp set but wish I did. Can only use so much Halloween though LOL!
This is such a fun fold- I need to give it a try :)
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2016 on Creative Inking Blog Hop -- Spooky Fun!! at My Blog
So cute!
Love these flowers! Pinned it :)
That starburst is so fun. And I love the variety of cards you made with it! :)
I think the gold sparkly flower one is my favorite. Nice and classy with the black and white :)
Oh my- that watercolor dot background is so adorable. And it is perfect for this card- Way to Go!
Love Shaker Cards! I need to make more of these :)
So jealous that you've gotten your paper pumpkin already! Mine is 'hopefully' in the mail today *crosses fingers*. I'm loving the shadowed look on your first card too. I forget about stamping twice- gonna have to give that a try again now :)
Wow! That is some commitment to wrapping the ribbon. I would never have the patience- cool effect though!!