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As a Christian, I'd just like to say that not all of us believe crap like this. My personal belief on the topic is that "hell" is merely separation from God and one is only subjected to that if one consciously chooses it after death. I think the story in the Bible about doubting Thomas is there precisely to tell us that those who truly must see to believe will be accommodated, and those of us who can believe without seeing will be blessed with the peace that brings. I personally believe that the truth (whatever it is) is revealed to every individual after they die, and they are then given the option of accepting or rejecting. I also recognize that I could be totally wrong about all of it, since this is faith and not fact. I'm comfortable with that :) I very much agree that heaven could not be heaven if our loved ones were being tortured somewhere, and I don't believe any of this BS about forgetting them. Actually, if my leg was being amputated on a battlefield, my kids would be the FIRST thing I'd think about and probably what sustained me. Does this guy even HAVE kids?! What galls me is that ANY human has the audacity to think that they truly know and understand the secrets of the universe and of the Divine. We're all floundering, holding onto whatever rings true with us, and doing our best to get along. Any person who clings maniacally to the notion that their faith is fact is just showing how weak their faith is.
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Jan 12, 2010